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"I wished to create a new skillbuilder app as something so appealing and interesting that you would want too play it over and over again, and share it with your family and friends." - Steven Cairney (sigmaleisure.com)


Say Goodbye to - Pot Noodle for the eyes - apps with plain cartoon and baby images.

Join in on a new generation of original innovative and creative skillbuilding created with your mind in mind.

Some 3 years in the making and here for you now The Illustrated Alphabet Matching Pairs Hit from sigmaleisure.com.

So often described as original, unique and magical it's the braintrainer that's a no-brainer must have.

Take yourself upon a constantly changing journey with the very buildingblocks of the written word, challenge yourself, your family and friends with this cool downloadable app, lovingly designed to delight your eyes, stimulate your mind, and feed your soul.

Own yours now, and take your entertainment and concentration skills on a proven and powerful magical journey. It's engaging, clever and fun to play too!

What you are saying -

"I love the art and vision, unique and beautiful with so much intricate detail." - C. Conley New Zealand

"Innovative and inspiring you can see the time and love that has gone into the production. It's nice to see there is still passion in this digital age." - C Mackenzie U.K.

"It must have taken quite a while to put together. The detail is quite amazing." - L. Morton U.K.

With the new fade/expand/fade innovation which gives your brain a good "Mindsoak" before making your next choice

Look out for the "Catch me if you can" - level - "It's a doozy!"

The first thing you will be caught by is the built in visual surprise element it's one of those "Ooh, Ooh, Wooah! moments, that get us all at first but then we get smart and start fast-tracking quickly

1/The quick and clever amongst us pick off the competition one at a time

2/The exceptional player may get very lucky and "Slam-Dunk" 2 at once (very difficult to pull off)

3/Just once in a rare moment the cream of the crop amongst you may cacth 3 at once!

But do remember this is truly randomly generated NO REPEAT PLAY IS THE SAME!!

It's the SIGMA equivalent of swatting 3 flies in 1 swoop, you have either just got plain lucky.., or you get very very swift and clever very quickly.

"When a mind is enlarged by new experience it is reluctant to return to it's old dimensions."

For your Iphone, Android, Tablet and PC.

With Original music "Songs of The Earth" composed by Jack Watson under license to sigmaleisure.com .2015

Copyright Mr Steven Cairney sigmaleisure 2015. world rights reserved.

No in app ads or purchases.


-Steven Cairney (Mr Sigma) sigmaleisure.com


Buy Now£2.40 GBP or more

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